We test Web Sites, APIs, and Mobile Apps for Security Flaws

Rarefied can perform web application penetration testing on both your company's websites, standalone APIs, and mobile applications.

What is a Web Application Penetration Test?

Web application penetration testing aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within websites by simulating attacks on them. This testing is crucial as web applications are often exposed to the internet and can be a primary target for attackers. The testing process involves a comprehensive assessment of the web application's security, including input validation, authentication mechanisms, session management, access controls, and business logic. The goal is to uncover security weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access, manipulate data, or perform other malicious activities.


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What is a Mobile Application Penetration Test?

Mobile application penetration testing involves evaluating the security of mobile applications running on platforms like Android and iOS. This testing aims to identify vulnerabilities in the mobile app itself, as well as in the backend services it interacts with. The goal is to ensure that mobile applications do not expose sensitive data or functionality to attackers, thereby protecting users and the organization's data.


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What is an API Penetration Test?

API penetration testing focuses on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities within Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are integral to modern applications as they enable communication between different software components. Insecure APIs can lead to severe security breaches, exposing sensitive data or allowing unauthorized access to functionality. This type of testing ensures that APIs are properly secured and do not expose vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.


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