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Rarefied can perform network penetration testing on both external (publicly facing) and internal networks.

What is an External Network Penetration Test?

External network penetration testing focuses on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in an organization's internet-facing assets, such as web servers, firewalls, routers, and other devices accessible from the Internet. This testing simulates an attack from an external threat actor attempting to breach the network's perimeter defenses. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of the security controls in place and to identify potential weaknesses that could be exploited from outside the organization's network. Penetration testers will typically begin with reconnaissance activities, such as information gathering and network scanning, to identify potential targets. They will then attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access or to demonstrate the potential impact of successful attacks.


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What is an Internal Network Penetration Test?

Internal network penetration testing evaluates the security of an organization's internal network by simulating an insider threat or an attacker who has already breached the external defenses and gained access to the internal network. This type of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited to escalate privileges, access sensitive data, or disrupt operations within the internal network. The goal is to assess the organization's internal security posture and to identify weaknesses that could be leveraged by malicious insiders or attackers with initial access.


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