Security Testing by Industry

Rarefied performs penetration testing within a number of industries. If you don't see your industry listed below please reach out to see how we can help assess your company's digital security.


E-commerce businesses handle large volumes of customer data, including personal information and payment details.


Security Standards: GDPR, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS

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Educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, hold significant amounts of sensitive data, such as student records, research data, and financial information.


Security Standards: GDPR, ISO, NIST

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Financial Services

Financial institutions, including banks, investment firms, and insurance companies, handle vast amounts of sensitive customer information, financial data, and transactions.


Security Standards: GDPR, GLBA, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, SOX

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Fortune 100

Fortune 100 companies, representing the largest and most influential businesses in the world, are prime targets for cyberattacks due to their vast resources, extensive data repositories, and significant impact on global markets.


Security Standards: GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, SOX

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Government and Public Sector

Government agencies and public sector organizations store and manage vast amounts of sensitive data, including personal information of citizens, classified information, and critical infrastructure details.


Security Standards: FISMA, ISO, NIST

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Healthcare organizations store and process highly sensitive patient information, including medical records, personal data, and billing information.


Security Standards: HIPAA, ISO, NIST

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Manufacturing companies increasingly rely on connected systems and IoT devices to streamline operations and improve efficiency.


Security Standards: GDPR, ISO, NIST

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Retailers collect a significant amount of customer data, including payment information, loyalty program details, and shopping behavior.


Security Standards: GDPR, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS

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Tech Startups and SaaS

Tech startups often lead with innovation, developing new products and services that can disrupt existing markets.


Security Standards: GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS

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